Sunday, February 17, 2008

NBA All-Star Weekwnd 2008 A Slam Dunk

The NBA All-Star weekend in New Orleans was a lot better than last years in Las Vegas. The game itself was fun, but Saturday's slam-dunk contest and the musical performances at the game were outstanding. It has been years since an actual known star put on a display. Dwight Howard was a highlight reel. Two of his dunks rank with some of the best ever at this event. The off the back of the backboard and coming around to dunk on the side of the basket was unreal. First class showmanship displaying the Superman jersey and putting on the cape. Then flying towards the basket with cape flowing and elevating so high that he actually threw the ball down through the basket. Outstanding!!!!!! Howard’s last dunk was a perfect combination of eye hand coordination, agility, and power. He was the clear winner.

What a difference a year makes. Great halftime show! Harry Connick Jr. was the perfect host. Showcasing New Orleans jazz and some of the towns legendary jazz musicians was a three point play. Ellis Marsalis, Dr. John, Davell Crawford, Ivan and Art Neville, Jonathan Baptiste, and Allen Toussaint. Truly an all star lineup. It beat Las Vegas’s performances of last year. I still have nightmares about Wayne Newton performing a cover on “I feel Good” by James Brown.

History is important. Featuring footage and background on the late Pete Maravich was quite a spectacle. Listening to Magic Johnson, Charles Barley, Kenny Smith, and other Maravich contemporaries was touching . The footage displayed some of his unbelievable moves and how easy he made it look. He would have been perfect for today’s NBA. Can you imagine how much he would be worth now? The NBA does the best job in professional sports of turning an exhibition game into a weekend happening. Baseball is working on getting it right, Hockey is what it is, and the NFL Pro Bowl is much to do about nothing. Commissioner David Stern, my hat is off to you, your league, and TNT. Checkout these links: ,,

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