Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Victory In Iraq

Win in Iraq? It is a word game and it depends on your point of view. Some politicians want to pull out and others want to go the distance for a victory. To reiterate, the surge was suppose to give the Iraqi government time to make strides towards independence. The only thing our troops have done is police the streets and manage a bad situation. Iraq should be giving us a deadline. They should select a date for self-governing and military readiness. This is not a white hat versus black hat war. It is like Vietnam, the good guys and the bad guys have the same skin color. An ideology or thought lives in the mind and can not be defeated with weapons. The Shiites, Muslims, and Sunnis have been in conflict for centuries. They will be able to act as a sovereign state only when compromise becomes part of their daily routine. See the link for for more information.