Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hillary's Image and Texas Primary/Caucus

I understand why Hillary’s campaign has ventured into mild negative Ad’s in Wisconsin. In the past, this has been the way to challenge an opponent. However, this is a unique campaign with a unique set of circumstances. As a woman, she has to be careful. There is a lot of sexism in this country and any kind of negativity plays into the “Hillary’s a b**ch”. Also, with Obama being an African American, any type of criticism seems to be perceived as racist. HRC needs to lay-off any negative campaigning and promote her policies for this country. By the way, in Texas, on the day of the Democratic primary, the polls close at 7pm. Then caucuses are held from 7pm until 9pm. This makes the race for delegates somewhat tricky. Winning the primary does not seal the deal for a democratic primary candidate in the Lonestar state.

Here is how it works:

Texas will send a total of 228 delegates to the Democratic National Convention. 126 delegates will be assigned based on primary results in 31 State Senate Districts (instead of allocating delegates by its 32 Congressional Districts like many states). The number of delegates in each Senate district varies based on previous Democratic turnout in the last two general elections. The delegates from each Senate District are assigned to candidates proportionally based on the percentages they receive on primary day.
Of the remaining 102 delegates, 67 are determined through a convention process that begins at precinct conventions (caucuses) on the night of March 4 and culminates with delegate allocation based on each candidate's delegate strength at the State Convention on June 6-8. Of those 67 delegates, 42 are "at large" rank and file delegates and 25 are pledged party leaders, legislators, and local elected officials.
The remaining 35 delegates are "unpledged" delegates, including 32 so-called "superdelegates".

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Radio Coach you did a great job of explaining the primary in Texas. As for HRC, Obama is giving her a good run for her money for the nomination. There hasnt been this much excitement in an election in years. Hope you continue to stay around the blogsphere.