Monday, February 25, 2008

John McCain, Keating 5 and Lobbyists

Following the "Keating 5" Savings and Loan scandal, John McCain rebuilt himself as a reformer. Fighting against soft money donations, with the McCain-Feingold bill. Lobbyists are the catalysts for influencing both political parties in Congress. It is their job to use whatever means necessary to persuade our elected officials to vote the side of their clients. Therefore, why would McCain surround himself with so many former lobbyists in his campaign? You would think he would do everything possible to avoid looking hypocritical. Isn’t experience suppose to count for something? Shouldn't you learn from your mistakes? The New York Times story should have focused on lobbyists and not one lone female lobbyist. Remember, the Senate reprimanded John McCain for “poor judgement” in the "Keating 5" episode. Perhaps this is the kind of stubbornness his detractors have been talking about. The following link sheds light on this subject and a few others.

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