Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Radio, Podcasting, and Internet Radio Coaching, Name Your Own Price

This is Radio Coach Sam Weaver, (Website http://www.radiocoach.biz

Veteran and beginning communicators in traditional radio, podcasting, and Internet radio, want direction with preparation and presentation. Thanks to my 30 plus years as a radio programmer, announcer, and educator, it is always a pleasure to guide others on the journey of knowledge. It is a mutual trip because learning never stops for me. I am a personal radio talent trainer and coach with a passion for working with others.

My problem has always been how much to charge for services. However, the answer came from a “Priceline” commercial, let broadcasters name their own price, and pay what they think is fair? Therefore, that is exactly what I am doing. Do not let money stand in the way of learning, make the call to 1 888 680 RADIO (7234) or e-mail me, thecoach@radiocoach.biz.

All bids are welcome, do not hesitate; you’ll get my coaching services at price of your choice, be realistic with what you can afford for a month or more.

To find out more about me, the website is http://www.radiocoach.biz. While I try not to blush, but here is what some peers have said:

BJ Murphy, Air Personality
"Sam Weaver was the key person in my development as a morning personality. I have been a student of his for 18 years. He is the best I know for getting the best out of his talent. I was so fortunate to have Sam Weaver early in my career to help me and guide me. I owe my foundation in morning drive success to him".

Joel Denver, AllAccess.com Pres./Publisher
"Over the years, one of the most consistent winners in radio has been Sam Weaver. His attention to detail, content, and the ability to grow and nurture talent puts him in a class by himself."

Dana Hall, Executive Editor, Radio-info.com
“He is passionate, knowledgeable, and an incredible coach”.

Earl Boston
Owner, Earl Boston Inc
Computer Music Rotation
“Over the years, one of the most consistent winners in radio"

Jon Zellner, Vice President of Music and Programming, XM/Sirius Satellite Radio
“I competed against him in Kansas City and he did a phenomenal job with KPRS. It was a constant ratings and revenue leader”

Tony Gray, Gray Communications
“Sam Weaver is among the leading programmers in this country”

Gary Bernstein
President of Syndication One

“He is one of those rare programmers that can find, motive, educate, and grow air talent”

Rob Wagman
PD, WIBT 96 The Beat, Charlotte

“A constant in my career has been hiring talent that has worked with Sam. I have hired them because they have learned what to. I know because he taught me.

Jerry Boulding, Urban Editor, Allacess.com
“I’ve known Sam for the better part of our careers. I’ve observed him as an air talent and a programmer.
Over the years he has groomed and developed air personalities and several morning shows. He is motivated, research oriented, analytical, and has a knack of explaining things in an understandable way”

In one of the Dirty Harry movies, Clint Eastwood said "A man's got to know his limitations". It is another way of saying, know your strengths. Coaching radio personalities is my special talent and the new audio platforms of Internet radio and podcasting have expanded my base because both require the same skills. Take the first step and let's get started.

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