Thursday, October 16, 2008

Radio Internships Part Three

This is the last entry of a three part series on Internships at radio. Read the first installment by following this link.

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Prior to the beginning of an internship, make a list of what you want to learn and share it with the supervisor. Take time to learn each department and how each one relates to the on-air broadcasts. Check with your supervisor and see if other departments need help. Rest assured when others discover you are dependable, a bidding war would erupt for your services. Be courteous, pay attention and never complain.

Stargazing and sexual harassment are two areas of concern. Maintain a professional attitude when a celebrity visits the station. If you want an autograph, ask your supervisor how to go about it. Do not abandon an assignment and run down the hallway to watch someone being interviewed. It sends the wrong message. The same holds true for conduct with the on-air staff. There is more than enough time for fun, but let such opportunities take their natural course. If the station is involved with a concert or an event you would like to attend, quietly ask your supervisor if it is possible to get tickets. Never ask in front of others.

When it comes to sexual harassment, do not tolerate inappropriate behavior. If your immediate supervisor shares or initiates such action, inform his or her boss. However, be discreet when handling the situation.

A radio internship can lead to possibilities outside of broadcasting. There is a constant flow of business executives, civic leaders, political figures, and entertainers coming through a radio station. Therefore, remain alert for contacts and opportunities. An internship will strengthen your work skills, build your resume, increase marketability, and provide a professional references. It is the first step towards a foundation for the future.

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